Yabu Band

YABU – means ‘GOLD’ in the traditional Indigenous language of the Wongutha people.

On completion of a highly successful, sold out tour through out Western Australia and a show in both Melbourne and Alice Springs, Yabu Band received some well deserved recognition by winning Indigenous Artist Of The Year at the 2012 WAMi Awards.

Yabu Band have an exciting year ahead.  They have secured a prestigious performance slot at the National Indigenous Music Awards to be held in Darwin on August 11 2012.  They also look forward to releasing a new album titled ‘My Tjila’ meaning ‘My Country’ towards the end of the year that will contain the highly emotional, message driven track Petrol Paint & Glue as well as new progressive and innovative indigenous music.

“On first listen the song send shivers up one’s spine. The haunting lyrics are a plea by a young man for help from his mother and father” Ray Purvis – The West Australian