Yunyu: Twisted Tales

By projecting fairytales into a modern paradigm Yunyu [a former triple j unearthed winner] takes them far far away from the benign stories we knew as children, corrupting everyone from Alice in Wonderland and Bluebeard to the Pied Piper and Pinocchio. Twisting the stories into songs, Yunyu meshes them with contemporary animation and manga art to give a whole new meaning to Disney on ice.

In this cross-art form collaboration, Yunyu has teamed up with New York Times #1 Best Selling Manga Artist Queenie Chan and leading animators from around the world to give their characters life. Merging live music with cutting edge technology, this innovative show will be brought to you by Yunyu, her five piece band, VJ and designer Imogen Ross.  Twisted Tales will lead you down the yellow brick road to a universe so twisted that you’ll need a trail of breadcrumbs to find your way home.

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Reviews of Twisted Tales
“Far more transcendent, far more creative and far more beautiful than almost any show I’ve ever seen.” 
– Press Record, May 2012
“Yunyu hasn’t just created music, a movie, or something else, she is creating an experience.”
 Critical Mass, May 2012
“The stage was set for an evening of demented delights…I suggest you check out this macabre madam when she comes to town.  With this much collaborative genius in one show, you’d be crazy to miss her.” 
- Spotlight Report, May 2012

“Yunyu is music anime for genuine pop futurists. Edgy, taut and clever”.
– Nui Te Koha, Sunday Herald Sun

“Really loved this video & song” @neilhimself
– Neil Gaiman

“She’s enigmatic, dramatic and maybe even visionary.”
Nick O’Byrne, AIR, Aus Indies

Twisted Tales has the support from both the pop culture and music industries. It is the first music-manga-animation project to be jointly distributed through Madman Entertainment and MGM and will be episodically released throughout 2012.

Yunyu: Twisted Tales highlights:

Dorothy by Yunyu, first episode of Twisted Tales