Skipping Girl Vinegar

Up-and-coming indie darlings, Skipping Girl Vinegar, are one of Australia’s most talked about bands. Childhood friends and celebrated songwriters, they have released two critically acclaimed albums, ‘Sift the Noise’ (2008) and ‘Keep Calm, Carry the Monkey’ (2011) that made many ‘Album of the year’ lists. Both albums have received extensive radio play on Triple J, ABC and community radio across the country.

In mid- 2011, the band proudly released their anticipated follow up album ‘Keep Calm, Carry the Monkey’ [7 May 2011]. Written across two continents and recorded on the Victorian coast. It was mixed in Nashville by legendary indie engineer Brad Jones and produced by SGV’s Mark Lang , indie-wiz Nick Huggins [Kid Sam, Whitley], Caleb James [Yves Klein Blue] and Greg Arnold [Stonefield].

The album is rich with sonic landscapes, melodies and lyrical turns, and was received across the country to critical acclaim and made many ‘Album of the Year’ lists. ‘Keep Calm, Carry the Monkey’ showcases the band’s songwriting prowess with a darker sonic experience to the band’s debut. Their sophomore album is a layered and deeply intricate piece of work with its moods linked by soundscape textures, giving the album and its stories a strong visual, filmic quality. SGV unravel the human connection of love and loss, delivering a contemporary classic album that will be held close by many for years to come.

‘Keep Calm, Carry The Monkey’ closes with a hauntingly special guest performance from legendary singer/songwriter Ron Sexsmith (Canada]. If you take the time to explore the cover art on this new album, you will see that SGV are not your average collective. Pushing the boundaries of how music is delivered in the physical form, the band are deeply invested in a holistic approach to making work. Demonstrated by their award winning art-based animation film clips and physical CD art, the roots of the band are deep and intrinsically entwined.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Skipping Girl Vinegar are childhood friends Chris Helm, Mark Lang, Sare Lang, Amanthi Lynch & Kelly Lane.

Going higher than any indie band before them, Skipping Girl Vinegar have just released ‘Chase the Sun.’ Tipped to be one of the best indie clips of 2012, SGV sent Baker the Monkey into space 110,000 feet above the Earth. Yes really. View Chase the Sun on Youtube.

“At a time when pop is becoming more disposable, Skipping Girl Vinegar are the real deal”- Music Australia Guide
“Most impressive DIY band in OZ” – Sydney Telegraph
“In an age of downloads and ringtones, Skipping Girl Vinegar stand out from the pack”- Rip It Up
“Album of the year? It’s going to be hard to top. Deep & dark and it will haunt you.” – JB MAG

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