Shane Howard – 30 years of Solid Rock

‘Other Side of the Rock’ – Featuring new recordings of old songs from A Spirit of Place to Goanna Dreaming.

‘Other Side of the Rock’ is Shane Howard’s 12th album and is a collection of his most accomplished songs, which highlights the timeless quality of his work.

Over his 30 year career Howard has written some of Australia’s most iconic songs. These songs have been re-recorded and laid down in a recording session in December 2011 at Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne with band members who have been on the road with Howard and played these songs over the past few years.  Special guests from Shane Howard’s 30 year journey also join him on the album to make this a timely tribute to one of Australia’s finest singer songwriters.

‘Other Side of the Rock’ features two new versions of Howards iconic song ‘Solid Rock’, written after an ‘inma’ at Uluru in 1982. The version titled Puli Kunpungka has been translated into Pitjantjatjara, the language from that country, and in May 2012, was recorded with children from the APY lands.  Their voices are joined in chorus by renowned Australian singers Archie Roach, Natalie Pa’apa’a, Emma Donovan, Myra Howard and Amy Saunders. The version that opens the album, titled Solid Rock – Sacred Ground – is a stunning spatial ballad that is worth every single second of its eight minutes and seventeen seconds.

Produced by Howard, ‘Other Side of the Rock’ features band members Ruben Shannon, John Hudson and Rory McDougall with special guests Bruce Haymes, Ross Hannaford, Bart Willoughby, Archie Roach, Errki Veltheim, Natalie Pa’apa’a, Emma Donovan, Peter Denahy, Will Barton, Myra Howard, Mark Atkins and Amy Saunders.

Many of these artists along with John Butler, Neil Murray, Alan Pigram and Dan Sultan joined Shane Howard for a special rock concert at Uluru where they commemorated the 30 years of Solid Rock and simultaneously released this new album.

The general public can witness ‘Other Side of The Rock’ for the first time at The Forum in Melbourne on December 8.

“He sounds as though he has drunk deeply from the same fountain that gave the world Henry Lawson, Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan”, Bruce Elder – Sydney Morning Herald.

Released through Goanna Arts. Distributed through MGM

‘Other Side of The Rock’
The Forum in Melbourne on December 8. 2012
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