Nick Wales

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Nick Wales is a Sydney based composer who works across contemporary dance, popular music, film, theatre and new classical music.  His music is a hybrid between classical forms, electronic and popular music.

2 One Another was Nick’s first collaboration with Sydney Dance Company and he has since worked on Rafael Bonachela’s Emergence with Sarah Blasko, and 2 in D Minor which was part of Sydney Dance Company’s 2014 season Interplay. Nick also worked with fellow composer Tarik O’Regan to create an intriguing new musical experience for Sydney Dance Company’s production of Scattered Rhymes.

Nick has recently contributed to Sarah Blasko’s latest album Eternal Return, co-writing two songs. He previously worked with Sarah in Sweden and Bulgaria, writing orchestral arrangements for her 2012 album I Awake. Nick is a Founding Member and Co-Composer of CODA, a critically acclaimed musical group which incorporates classical styling with contemporary rock and electronica. He has collaborated with choreographer Shaun Parker on numerous dance theatre works including AM I,  Happy as LarryThe YardThis Show is About PeopleSpill and Trollys.

Nick composed the soundtrack for the feature film Around the Block directed by Sarah Spillane and starring Christina Ricci. He has collaborated with the Performance Artist Justin Shoulder for many years. Their latest creations were featured at the MMCA Gallery Seoul (New Romance Exhibition 2015/2016) and in the Asia Pacific Triennial for GOMA Brisbane (2015/2016) in collaboration with Justin Shoulder and Bhenji Ra.

Nick studied Music Composition at Sydney University under Peter Sculthorpe, Ross Edwards and Anne Boyd. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Film Music Composition from AFTRS.

Late in 2016, a new collaboration idea was formed between Yolngu Songman Rrawun Maymuru [East Journey] and Nick. The vision was to fuse the traditional songs of Rrawun’s ancient heritage with Nick’s electronic and classical sound worlds for the finale of a live dance performance. Nyapillilngu was originally commissioned by Sydney Dance Company for Rafael Bonachela’s Ocho which premiered at the Roslyn Packer Theatre Sydney on May 1st 2017. In a full review of the dance program The Guardian musically declared the song as “A new dawn” . Three years on and the recorded version of Nyapillilngu; Spirit Lady is being released to the general public.

Nyapillilngu [pronounced – Na-pil-lil- new] is the spirit lady that protects the passage between the Earth and Milky Way.  She looks after this land and the spirit of this land; from Earth to the Milky Way to ensure safe passage between both dimensions. Her totem is the Guwak a type of scrub turkey who links her to the clans Managalili. Ritharrngu , Gupabuyngu  and Gumatj and carries her messages to them.  It is these clans that Yolngu Songman Rrawun Maymuru is a descendant of.