Nano Stern

In a year that was known for social and environmental protests, one voice rang out for the people of Chile, Nano Stern. A superstar in his home country, Nano performed to over 180,000 protestors whilst his  single La Puta Esperanza became the theme for their dissent.

Named “One of the most in-demand international artists on the domestic festival scene” by Tony Hillier [Rhythms 2011] Nano Stern has brought Australian audiences to their feet from his first visit as a solo artist in 2008. He is a confirmed favourite at folk and world music festivals across the country as well as his own sold out shows.

Credited as being a creator of the new Chilean sound, Nano Stern sings predominately in his native Spanish, effortlessly weaving compelling messages between each song during his live sets and leaving audiences captivated with his English storytelling. 
Nano Stern has gathered a faithful following by developing his career through talent, sheer determination and the unwavering belief in himself and the power of music.

“But for all the politics, it is Stern’s voice and his sublime guitar-playing that make him such a special talent. This is just a man and a guitar.” Bruce Elder, SMH (Review of Nano Stern, Live in Concert)

“A Festival Director’s dream”, Bill Hauritz, Woodford Folk Festival

”Thus Nano Stern has won the people, with songs that balance great arrangements, vivid poetry and epic melodies, delivered with an honest and volcanic attitude worth admiring.” El Mercurio (Chile’s largest circulating paper)
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Nano Stern highlights:

ABC The Music Show, March 19 2011