Jelly Oshen

Garden of Love

Digitally Distributed by Ditto Music and released on April 1st2019

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“This is real polished and the vibe feels SO right. Very easy to dive into and float along with it. Dave Ruby Howe, triple j

“I thought I knew where this song was headed after the first few seconds and I’m pleased to say I was altogether wrong. Some really interesting production underpinning those windchime vocals on a song full of leafy imagery. If you’re having a stressful day, flip this one on and find your zen state.” Tommy Faith, triple j 

“A meditative one with some really wonderful, subtle melodies” Declan Bryne, triple j


They don’t come more multi-cultural than newcomer to the talented teen scene, the 17 year-old Jelly Oshen[pronounced ocean]. Born into a music culture and raised on the Festivals circuit Jelly is no stranger to the ins and out of a musicians lifestyle. Mentored by roots band KatchafireJelly began to develop his musical flare leading to a disciplined lifestyle of daily music writing and musical research.

Jelly’s mum is Russian Polish and Jewish and his dad is Papua New Guinean, Chinese and Ambon-Indo making for an interesting cocktail for the multicultural communities.

Chilled, naïve, magical, idealistic pretty much sums up Jelly’s debut onto the scene. Garden of Loveis a cruisy catchy tune, which gives you the vibe to lay back look up and count the stars and dream…

The first thing you notice about Jelly Oshen is his presence. It grips you from the get-go.  “Jelly Oshen had us captivated his entire show, freshhhh vibe!” Musik Internationalist

A lyricist by the Age of 8, and a multi instrumentalist by the age 12, Jelly found his singer songwriter calling at 14 and has an ocean of material in the bank. He is working on his live show and an EP to come out later this year. Lyrics that stick, his songs transfix, where Lo Fi styles meet a production sweet spot. If you want to understand Jelly Oshen think of Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars meeting up with Frank Ocean…add a little island flava and you get Jelly Ocean.

“I feel pretty excited and happy. I’m glad I’m sticking with this as my debut. Even though this track wasn’t my first choice it was definitely the easiest and more fun to play around with in studio. Through playing around I developed a deeper understanding on how I wanted my music to sound in the future. I was into Ed Sheeran at the time. Nowadays, I’m more into indie, lowfly jazz with a muffled hip hop beat.”Jelly Oshen.

Garden of Loveis about everyone’s happy place or favorite thing and sharing it with someone special. “At the time I [Jelly] was really into bubble tea and so Garden of Love beat just popped up into my head. The song can be translated to something that you love, its for the people; young, old, trans, whatever you want – its my anthem for happiness”.

Produced by Stephen “Dubklaat” Maxwell, Mixed by Philip McFarlane and mastered by Alex Psaroudakis.

This project has been supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund. The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Cairns Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

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