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J-MILLA’s Tik Tok account has 120k followers with posts boasting 3.2M+ views, 15.5k followers on Insta, 19k on FB and the music video for his 2018 track ‘My People’ recently passed 100k on YouTube. On top of that J-MILLA’s collaboration with Australian electronic artist M4SONIC on the track ‘Matchstick’ is now heading to 300k streams on Spotify; Not bad for an artist who’s barely a blimp on the mainstream music radar.

Unlock the System is a story.  A rap track with spoken word, Wu Tang, Club rap and Aussie rap vibes.  Featuring alternative beats with RnB elements it’s a story about black lives matter.

“I had only just left Yuendumu 2 weeks prior to the “alleged” murder. The reason Unlock the System came to me was because when I heard the news about the shooting I felt shocked and upset for the Walker family and community. I felt an automatic connection with brutha-boy Walker as he was a young Aboriginal male just like me. I was extremely shocked that this incident wasn’t all over national news considering someone was shot down dead in his own bedroom in the middle of the night by a police officer. I am a rapper born and bred in Darwin and have some followers from the community of Yuendumu, and writing this song was a way I could express my feelings towards the situation and to also stand up and be another voice for both Yuendumu and the Walker family, says J-MILLA

With so many Aboriginal deaths in custody you can understand why this created a profound impression on a young boy’s mind.  J-MILLA’s official debut titled “Unlock the System” was written speed-style when he learnt of the news about a young man being shot dead by a police officer in the remote NT community of Yuendumu. “I watched the men in my family go in-and-out of jail all my life. It wasn’t so much a question of why’s dad going to gaol. It was more like what’s going to happen to my dad, or my brother while he’s in there? says J-MILLA”

22- year old Jay Nichaloff (aka J-MILLA) was born and bred in Darwin. He is a loud and proud member of the Indigenous Mak Mak Marranungu people, who are the traditional landowners of the Litchfield National Park of the Northern Territory.  With music and storytelling being a part of his life since birth, J-MILLA learned the power of narrative and the influence it can have on those around you. At age 11 his passion for writing lyrics and telling his own stories began.

J-MILLA’s lyrical content is not all political.  His words speak to not only his Indigenous culture, but also those of a young upcoming rapper in the scene. “I write all my own lyrics which are generally a reflection of my life experiences, it’s not my intention to isolate anyone in particular and I hope what I write can bring people together, especially for a good time. I am truly inspired by those around me. Obviously I love listening to other rappers but I try to ensure what I make and release is purely me.” says J-MILLA.

 Proceeds from the song will go to the Walker Family to help them with travel costs to Alice Springs so they can attend the court hearings in April. Stay informed via Instagram- @Justice For Walker

Save/Stream it here ›› https://ditto.fm/unlock-the-system

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