Publicity, marketing and strategic consultations for any businessOn the Couch with AUM PR

“Local, potent and progressive- this company knows their stuff.” Kathryn Jones, Musician & Music Coach

On the Couch is designed for those who would like to get some direction in their marketing and publicity strategy. When you reach a point of not being certain what to do next, simply book some couch time and pick our brains. We’ll also get inside your head to determine ‘where you are at’ and the best next steps for you to take and move your business forward.

Together we will talk through your strategy, your concerns, your objectives and ensure you are on the right course, choose the most beneficial opportunities and help you make the right decisions. We can also determine areas for improvement and keep your publicity skills up-to-date and fresh.

We have experience with a wide variety of businesses from the arts to real estate, fashion, food industries, travel and more.

“Chryss, your on the couch session was fantastic!! Many thanks for your insights and guidance with my marketing and PR strategy. I have started implementing your suggestions and the rewards are coming to life.”Jules Hunt

Couch time with Chryss Carr, a modern-day publicist with over 30 years experience across all media outlets [tv/radio/press/online] is a cost effective and straight forward tool to ensure you keep moving in the right direction.

On the Couch sessions run for up to 1.5hrs and can be in person, over the phone or Skype.

To book your session on the AUM couch, please contact us.