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In Yolngu culture dance plays a pivotal role. There’s ceremonial dance, celebratory dance and then there’s Marryuna; to dance with no shame, to freestyle for the sheer elation of dancing.

Marryuna is the second highly anticipated single from Arnhem Land’s ascending hip hop star Baker Boy. At this year’s BIGSOUND the song was such a killa that it was performed twice to an already eager crowd who were prepared to dance even harder for his encore. Coming in hot at No.4 on the triple j UE Top Ten of 300 showcases the BIGSOUND audience lapped it up, and whether they knew it or not they were in a great state of Marryuna!

What seems to be a whirlwind of success since the release of Cloud 9, Baker Boy has manifested into a code-five Cyclone Baker.

Marryuna blows opens with the sound of Yidaki, features a hooky chorus thanks to Baker Boy’s poison cousin and singer/songwriter Yirrmal. It’s an anthemic summer song being released on October 6th to sync in with Baker Boy’s 21st birthday the following week. More reason for Marryuna!


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Lyrics for Marryuna:

Brother boys yolngu boys all the way from Arnhem Land

rawakpuy Yindi djal nhaburr dhuwal kirtjirr nharow

Yolngu balanda bungul

gu dhumurryurra nganya marrtji gu nhuaburr ga djal dhirr nhaburr dhu weripugom walalung mangutji marrka manapunmirr weripu weripu minytji gu

Babuyurranha nganya marrtji gu

Triggers mind blown survival mode human brain greatest weapon in the globe

self sustain education knowledge is loaded standing on everyone’s shoulders

teaching yourself as you get older and older

ngarra ga djalthirr ngalitjalung marrma nhungu ngarra gu ngalidhu nhena djama wungatj ngur

imma proud black Yolngu boy with the killa flow listen to the yidaki listen to it blow 

Woke up six o’clock tickiti Tok at my block

first time on the train I was shocked same time back home teaching little arlys to get on spear In my hand in my zone hunting bush life I can feed em

this is Yolngu way of freedom

city lights the sound too much for my mind but the quiet the nature sound now that is mine live it breath it represent let it shine before the end of time

lurr lurr lurryurra marrtji nganya lurr babuyrrnhaki yirrmal gal ga bakerboy gal malthunarow nhe ga djal dhirr gu marrtji marrtji marrtji



In Arnhem Land they call Baker Boy the ‘fresh new prince’. His totem is the Olive Python, his moiety is Dhuwa and his skin is Burralung/ Gela boy.

Born in Darwin and raised in the remote NT communities Milingimbi and Maningrida 20 year-old Danzal Baker pka Baker Boy is the freshest new Yolngu hip-hop talent from the Top End. Young, strong and proud Baker Boy raps in Yolngu Matha language representing his Arnhem Land families. He knows his value, his worth and he raps so others get it.

Instantly recognised by triple j bosses and spreading like wildfire across their frequency, Baker Boy has launched himself onto the radar of the industry’s keen eyes and is well on his way.

Debut single Cloud 9 won him the triple j Unearthed NIMA competition, 2 NT Song of the Year Awards and what turned out to be a stellar performance slot on the BIGSOUND program 2017.

Baker Boy graduated year 12 in 2012 from Shalom Christian College Townsville and pursued his studies in the performing arts at ACPA Brisbane. He is a passionate dancer and actor and would like to pursue a career in both disciplines. He is a lead artist for Indigenous Hip Hop Projects known for their outstanding work with students in remote communities. An original member of dance sensations Djuki Mala Baker Boy has toured extensively in Australia and the International dancing at major festivals, conferences and at grass roots level at remote, urban and regional Indigenous communities.


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